$12 Billion Trump Wants For Farmer Welfare Perfectly Defines Today’s GOP


The big federal budget-related news yesterday was that President Trump plans to spend $12 billion to aid U.S. farmers who are being hurt by his tariffs.

The is a perfect definition of what it means to be a Republican today. A GOP president is unilaterally spending billions more and increasing the budget deficit and national debt on what essentially is a welfare entitlement program for farmers.

This is almost the precise opposite of what for years the GOP has said it wants and believes and for which it has brually criticized Democrats. Substitute almost any other group for farmers (students, the elderly, unemployed) and you’ll get the full picture.

The $12 billion wasn’t included in the Trump administration’s most recent mid-session budget review and most of the $12 billion will be spent in the next fiscal year. That will increase the projected 2019 deficit to close to $1.1 trillion.