Trump’s Military Parade Is Already 767% Over Budget. Where’s Congress?


CNBC is reporting that the military parade Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to stage this November is now projected to cost $92 million, $80 million more than the original $12 million estimate. That’s a 767 percent cost overrun.

Yes, $92 million is basically a rounding error (0.2 percent) when it comes to total federal spending.

But that doesn’t mean the Trump administration shouldn’t be required to detail what it’s planning to cut to pay for its parade.Ā Unless the fiscal 2019 appropriations are increased to cover the parade-related costs, the $92 million will have to come from existing programs.

Congress – specifically the House and Senate Appropriations Committees — should be demanding that information immediately while the fiscal 2019 are still being debated.

And that has to come from the Republicans on those committees because they’re the only ones with any real power on this issue. Requests for information from Democrats about the parade’s costs are likely to be ignored or slow-walked by the White House.

So far there’s only been the sound of crickets from the GOP.