Best LG TV – Review and Comparison (Top 6)

TV is a device that accompanies almost every home today. In recent years, even though the internet is taking up more and more places, television is not losing its importance. Now you don’t just watch TV, you also watch streaming movies, series stored on your smartphone or PC. All this to say that the TV has become unquestionably a must-have device of all households. It is also a decorative accessory that can be integrated into the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen.

To adapt to its different environments, the models of televisions that exist on the market are amply varied. One of the biggest brands today is LG TV. However, choosing the perfect TV isn’t as easy as it sounds. Several criteria must be considered in order to make the right choice. While price is often an important setting, choosing an LG TV should not be based solely on that element. That’s why we’re introducing this buying guide to help you find the model that’s right for you.

Comparison of the best LG TV

LG 43UJ634V

Since its existence, LG has always found the means to make high-performance devices available to users. Here, the brand presents its LED TV UHD LG 43UJ634V. With a total size of 97.7 x 23.5 x 63.1 cm, this TV has an HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. Its screen measures 43 inches or 108 cm, so it’s suitable for a medium-sized room. Added to this is its UHD 4K technology, which resembles those of high-end TVs. Regarding connectivity, LG 43UJ634V will delight multi-device users. It consists of 3 HDIM inputs, one Ethernet input and two USB ports. It also provides users with Bluetooth and wifi technologies. In terms of audio, the manufacturer has integrated a system consisting of 2 speakers. But, you can also use an external system to optimize the sound of your TV. If you’re looking for a high-performance LED TV and a webOS 3.5 system, the LG 43UJ634V is the one for you.


LG 43LJ500V

For a simple and stylish TV, the LG 43LJ500V has everything you need to appeal to consumers. Tall, aesthetic and without unnecessary options, it will practically seduce every budget. This TV features a metallic frame and features high-performance technology. With its 43-inch screen, it’s the perfect model to fit in any middle room. Next to that, it equips itself with a Full HD screen and a display treated with great care. In addition, LG has chosen a 60Hz frequency to make its device very fluid. To add, the LG 43LJ500V features an LCD slab with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an LED backlight. Combined with the Color Master Engine processor, you’ll get high-quality colorimetry. On the sound side, this device is equipped with a 10-watt 2.0 stereo system. Its connection consists of two HDMI inputs, a video input and a USB port. Finally, to ensure the reception of TV channels, you can count on the tuner TNT, satellite and cable. But, the main settings are also very easy to automatically search for different channels.


LG 32LK6200PLA FullHD

The LG 32LK6200PLA is a 32-inch HDTV. It is equipped with an LCD slab of 1920×1080 pixels. It also benefits from a direct LED backlighting system. To provide excellent image quality, the manufacturer chose a fluidization process called Tromution. The Quad Core processor in charge of this processing allows images to be upgraded to 1080 pixels. In addition, the LG 32LK6200PLA is equipped with an LG ThinQ AI system to make it a home control device. Moreover, when connected to the internet, it makes Smart TV applications available to its user. As a result, it gives access to different content. It also arranges an audio player and a web browser. On the connectivity side, the LG 32LK6200PLA TV has everything you’ll need to take advantage of the various digital sources. It includes USB and HDIM inputs as well as an audio-video input. It also features a component input and digital audio output, not to mention its Ethernet RJ45 network connectivity and wifi control. Finally, its unpretentious audio part boasts an extremely powerful Virtual Surround Plus system.


LG 32LK500BPLA TV (81 cm)

LG continues to offer consumers quality TVs that are suitable for all users. Here we will introduce you to the LG 32LK500BPLA model. Let’s start with its display. It’s a TV with a 32-inch screen, LCD and LED technologies and HD resolution. It offers a very immersive experience for its user. Its interior and exterior design is a real success, even if it is a mid-range TV. To add, the manufacturer chose a resolution of 1366 x 768 for its screen. It therefore allows you to watch videos and films without necessarily wanting the quality of a home theater. In terms of sound quality, the LG 32LK500BPLA TV incorporates two speakers with a power of 5 watts. But depending on your needs, you could use a few speakers to optimize your experience. Note that this model does not include Smart Tv features. However, all of its connectivity can meet your needs. Indeed, the connections available are two HDMI ports, a USB port, an antenna input, a composite socket, a component socket and an audio output.


LED TV LG Electronics 32LM6300

Do you like to make the most of your movies and videos? The Led LG 32LM6300 TV is the device it makes for you. It has exceptional image quality and is easy to handle. This camera is designed for lovers of good images. In fact, it has a 32-inch or 80 cm screen. It also has an OS 4.5 web operating system that is the most reliable and customizable on the market. Plus, with its ability to present quality content, you can turn your TV into a connected device and make the most of it. In addition, thanks to its FHD resolution and Dynamic Color, this smart TV offers a spectacular visual experience. It also equips itself with a virtual surround to optimize sounds. Comes with USB and HDMI ports, this TV will make it easier and simpler to view all content. Similarly, depending on your needs, you can connect it to other devices via the DVB-S, DVB-T2 or DVB-C. Finally, it comes with foot to install it easily, but you can also mount it to the wall

  • 32-inch screen diagonal
  • LED display technology
  • Dynamic Color and FHD Resolution

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LG 43 UK 6300 LLB – 108 cm

Tv has long been a must-have for all households. With a market that continues to grow, LG always tries to satisfy consumers as best as possible. With the number of models that currently exist, the LG 43 UK 6300 LLB deserves a lot of attention. When choosing a TV, resolution is an important element. The more pixels, the better the clarity of the images. With a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the LG 43 UK 6300 LLB is an ultra HD TV. The images he offers are well detailed. In terms of display technology, the manufacturer used the direct LED. But besides the resolution, the diagonal of the screen is also important. This model is equipped with a 43-inch screen. So it’s part of the big tv. Similarly, to increase the realism of the images, LG has equipped this TV with HDR technology. It’s also a connected TV with a built-in Smart TV feature.

  • 43-inch LED TV
  • 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution
  • HDR technology

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Everything you need to know about LG

Around the world, LG stands out for its creativity and technological inventions that are geared towards consumer satisfaction. The brand is present throughout the industry by offering even more efficient and revolutionary devices. It is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world with a well diversified range. In this way, it is committed to providing its customers with solutions that meet their needs and offer them the best experiences. From appliances and telephony to chemistry and computer science, the LG brand exists everywhere. We have all seen a product of this South Korean company. But where does this success come from?

A brief history of the LG brand

Beginning its history in 1947, LG started the production of plastic in 1952. This allowed it to expand its business. Lak-Hui Chemical founded Goldstar, a company specializing in electronics, in 1958. A few years later, it became LG Electronics. Then, in 1983, the two companies formed a single structure, hence the name Lucky-Goldstar. But the name LG was chosen in 1995, when the brand’s electronic devices were gaining momentum. Then, in order to suit the market, the brand launched the catchy “Life’s Good” formula.
Since then, the company has become an innovative pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics. Thanks to the technological know-how acquired by the design of several household devices such as televisions, it has been able to create a decisive place in this field. And in the 21st century, the brand has introduced several technological products in the form of mobile computing elements and digital TVs. It continues to strengthen its status to the present day to maintain its place at the international level.

What products does LG make?

The LG brand offers different products that fit into a wide variety of markets. The first is home appliances. With this in nature, the brand sells several product lines and models. The most well-known appliances are certainly washing machines and vacuum cleaners. But it also offers several ranges of refrigerators.
LG is also well known in the design of electronic machines and instruments. Indeed, the brand offers televisions that have modern, efficient and intuitive functions. For example, its TVs may have 4K technology and a Smart TV feature. It also advances devices related to televisions, such as Home Cinemas. Finally, what is no less is that it occupies a significant place in the world of smartphones, petrochemicals as well as chemistry.

The benefits of the brand

LG is a reference brand in its various areas of activity. Thanks to the place it has been able to design on the market, its products are certified of high quality. In addition, the company provides consumers with an after-sales service with competitive guarantees. Thus, customers are always in good company during the use of their products.


What are the features of an LG ultra HD TV?An ultra HD TV is a TV that is adorned with the HEVC standard to decompress UHD images. This means that as soon as the 4K images are broadcast, the TV is able to read them right away. Aside from UHD technology, this TV model also incorporates high-end features. Indeed, you can count on its bar of its 4.1. You also have a Full Led backlighting system. The latter optimizes contrasts. Finally, an LG ultra HD TV is a TV with a connected screen.

Why choose a 4K TV?If you like beautiful images, a 4K TV is what you need. It offers the best resolution you can hope for. It’s also an HDR-compatible technology that provides a striking contrast to images with ultra-realistic colors. Its high resolution makes it possible to view an optimal image, even with a large screen. In addition, HD content is extremely sublimated by upscaling. The latter refers to a particular treatment that transforms lower-dimensional images into high-resolution images that are similar to the UHD. Also, the necessary recoil is greatly reduced because the image quality and resolution are significantly increased.

How to set up an LG TVThe configuration of an LG TV is not so dramatic. But it all depends on your habit and the model you have chosen to equip your home. In fact, LG TVs have several settings that allow you to set the sound and image according to your use. As a result, you can enjoy your TV as you feel. Indeed, you can watch a sports competition, a TV program or movies optimally. Also, when buying your LG TV, a manual essentially comes with the product. This allows you to optimize the use and viewing of your TV.

How do I connect an audio system to an LG TV?To connect your LG TV to an audio system, there are different options. You can use an optical cable to join the two devices. But you can also make use of an HDIM port. The third option is the use of an auxiliary cable by inserting it into the port where the sign of a headset or audio output appears. In terms of efficiency and quality, HDIM and optical wire are almost identical. They offer good sound quality compared to the use of an auxiliary cable. Be careful, don’t forget to indicate in the audio setting of the TV that you will broadcast the sound with an external sound system.

What can be achieved with an LG Smart TV?Navigation on the settings of an LG Smart TV is simply done with a Magic Remote remote. It incorporates a gyroscopic mechanism that allows content to be selected on television. Depending on the model, the remote control may be optional or provided. As you can already guess, the Smart TV LG offers an interface with internet services. Its functions are easy to use. Of course, in order to use them, the TV must be connected to the internet beforehand via an Ethernet or wifi cable. This allows you to access YouTube, Facebook and any other online platform. Some models even include an internet browser for live surfing from television.




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