The best washing machines in 2020 (Top Picked for You)

Do you want to buy a washing machine but are lacking inspiration?

Among all the washing machine models of all the brands that exist on the market, you do not know where to look? Kitchen Guide is here to help you choose the best washing machine .

Our team of experts has put together a complete file for you including a ranking of the best washing machines at the moment, product tests, the best advice for choosing the right product, but also a washing machine buying guide that will serve you as reference in choosing your next device.

Between the quality of washing and the energy consumption, several criteria can determine your choice before proceeding to the checkout. There are several things that come into play when it comes to buying a washing machine, especially price and efficiency. That said, the “Cooking Guide” editorial team had the idea to bring you the ultimate guide and ranking of washing machines that will make you smile this year.

Best picked Washing Machines

1.Samsung WW90K6414QW review

Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of connected objects, honors its reputation with its “Addwash”. Because a washing machine can also be connected! So, with this model with a capacity of 9 kg displaying an energy class A +++, Samsung brings together everything a consumer could look for in a high-end washing machine.

“EcoBubble” technology has already proven its worth (a principle of injecting air into the drum to form a large quantity of foam and clean the laundry even at low temperature). But when connected features and other options are added to these already recognized qualities, it can only propel such a machine to the top of the ranking. And when we talk about “options”, it is actually sacred assets that we think of. Indeed, this machine is equipped with an unusual window allowing laundry to be added to the drum even while it is in the course of a cycle. You know, like on TV ?!

It offers a choice of 14 programs and setting the water temperature, 5 levels of rinsing degree, a spin speed up to 1400 rpm, and finally, Smart Control: the star of options; the one that allows you to connect the washing machine to the Internet and therefore have control over your washing machine remotely. So if you want to add laundry during the cycle, the app can also help you by setting alerts at certain times: “when rinsing starts”, “when the last rinse starts” and “when the spinning starts”, or thanks to preset alerts every 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Regarding water consumption, it remains relatively low for a washing machine with such remarkable rinsing efficiency.

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2. Hotpoint HAF 921 S FR reviews

Hotpoint’s washing machine isn’t connected, yes, but that’s not ridiculous.

It has an energy class A + thanks to its induction motor specially designed to reduce electricity consumption and noise level. The proof is that it consumes 12 times less than the same product with an energy class A and that it shows a sound level of 41 decibels during washing phases and 64 during spinning. Which is relatively silent! No problem therefore if you have a studio or want to put it in a living room; it will absolutely not bother you!

This model with a capacity of 9 kg is equipped with a drum with a volume of 62 liters, which can accommodate 7.2 kg of laundry without difficulty. Laundry which will be spun at a speed of 1200 revolutions per minute. And to remove twice as much detergent, all you have to do is choose the “extra rinse” option.

But that’s obviously not the only program offered by Hotpoint’s washing machine. Indeed, among the 13 offered, you can for example choose the eco program, silk and sheers, eco cycle, antibacterial cycle, super silence, etc … And don’t forget the anti-foam option to keep a clean machine and improve its durability.

Finally, for those in a hurry who impatiently wait in front of their washing machine for the operation to be completed to extend and move on to the next task, you will inevitably be won over by the display of the time remaining before the end of the cycle.

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3. Bosch WAE28210FF review

And while we’re in the silent machine category, let’s continue with the Bosch WAE28210FF. Its noise level of only 57 decibels makes it an almost silent machine. But this is not its only quality since it is also very energy efficient and will save you water and energy thanks to its A +++ energy efficiency, the best rating there is. This ranking is probably due to its intelligent “ActiveWater” technology which determines the amount of water needed for washing depending on the total weight and type of fabric. To give you an idea, the average water consumed for washing at 60 degrees is 48 Liters. It is this same technology that saves electricity and only consumes around € 0.10 per machine. So even if you are used to doing one machine per day, it would cost you less than 40 € per year! What not to do without sleeping in clean sheets more often … And we are talking about a machine suitable for a family of 5 people since its loading capacity is 7 kg and the volume of its drum is 55 kg!

You can program the most suitable cycles as well as the temperature thanks to an LED screen, and an audible indicator will signal the end of the operation.

Class B, spinning greatly reduces the drying time of your laundry.

Finally, from a technical point of view, you will be entitled to the main basic washing programs (cold, economical, cotton, synthetic, delicate silk, wool, 15 minutes, …) and a delayed programming of up to 24 hours. This will save you even more money if you choose to program your machine to run during off-peak hours.

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4. Faure FWF7125PW review

Difficult to find its place among all these machines with extraordinary options. So, if Faure’s FWF7125PW is also present in this top 10, it is because it too has something that will not leave you indifferent. Perhaps its “duo dose” box, designed to release the product little by little for more efficient washing? Or its system of 3 safeties? One at the door to avoid any opening during washing. The other to remedy the problems related to the drain pipe or the pump thanks to the anti-overflow. And the last one is an electronic safety allowing the washing machine not to move due to vibrations.

Either way, this washing machine has its place here. And it’s not its control panel with easy access to simple programs, its LED display screen, its A +++ energy class or its 11 programs that will make you think otherwise.

And to go a little further, here are some of its technical characteristics: its capacity, first of all, which allows it to contain up to 7 kg of laundry which can be optimally cleaned thanks to its intelligent system. allowing you to vary your water and electricity needs automatically according to the quantity of laundry. Enough to save a lot of money. All the more so as the energy consumption of most programs is less than 1 KW / hour for a spin speed of 1200 rpm. Consumption in stop mode is less than 0.5 Watts.

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5. Bosch Serie 4 WTH85290FF reviews

Bosch, the international brand created in 1886 can boast of not appearing once, but twice in the top 10 of the best washing machines. And whether the first machine presented has convinced you or not, it is a cut above that we find the WTH85290FF. A machine beast with a capacity of 8 kg that will satisfy any large family.

Energy class A ++, it is also very economical and silent since it has a noise level of 65 decibels partly thanks to its reinforced insulation which makes this model very quiet even during the spinning phase. Its AutoDry technology guarantees perfect drying that respects textiles. It is an intelligent device which is based on the use of sensors to measure the humidity level in the heart of the laundry. When this rate is reached, the washing machine stops the cycle automatically. This preserves your laundry by preventing damage from excessive handling. And this device is not the only one to give this machine a big advantage over its competitors since it also benefits from interior lighting, the “EasyClean” filter for easy cleaning of the condenser filter,

If you find the design of its walls aesthetic, know that this is not the only goal of the manufacturer since this system also allows better stability and reduced vibrations.

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6. Hotpoint WMD 942 K EU reviews

Another double in the ranking, this time it is for the Hotpoint brand. With this double feat, the centenary brand proves once again that its popularity is justified and its sublime WMD 942 K will inevitably remain in people’s minds. A black machine, classy and elegant. A design so neat that you almost forget to learn about your criteria to make your choice. However, she has some qualities! While we are talking about design, let’s focus on the shape of its handle specially designed to be even more ergonomic and solid.

Its induction motor defines rugged, durable and quiet by its manufacturers dramatically reducing vibration and noise level emitted by the device. And if you want even more silence, press the “super silence” button and enjoy …

Not a little proud to have been awarded the “Woolmark Platinium” certification, reserved for machines reaching a quality standard so high that they allow a more delicate wash than if you did it by hand, Hotpoint has therefore obtained this result thanks to a unique and patented washing system. After that, its 12 programs, its delayed start, its anti-foam, anti-overflow and anti-unbalance safety devices to preserve your laundry and your home, or even its antiallergic cycles and rinses designed and tested to reduce and eliminate most allergens as well as all detergent residues, will appear harmless.

Regarding the technical criteria, it also knows how to show merit with a drum with a capacity of 8 kg, a maximum rotation speed of 1600 rpm, a washing class A and A + for the class. energetic.

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7. Electrolux EWC 1350 reviews

Let’s change category and take a look at the compact family. Who says compact, says small template, but don’t get me wrong, the EWC 1350 from Electrolux is only small in size; a big one among the little ones. Indeed, its 3kg capacity might seem ridiculous to you in the midst of the 8 or 9 kg of its previous competitors, but if you are a small family, what looks like a defect could well become its greatest asset: the savings it has. will make you realize. Indeed, it is preferable to fill a 3 kg drum than to run a machine with a capacity greater than half full … Especially since it is classified B for washing and A in class d. energetic efficiency. So count an annual washing energy consumption of 126 kW / h. Which is relatively reasonable.

If you are wondering what the dimensions of a compact washing machine can be, here they are: 59cm wide, 66.5cm high and 40cm deep.

It offers a maximum rotation speed of 1300 revolutions per minute and a “full tank stop” feature which limits the wrinkling of your clothes. And for more fragile materials, a compartment for fabric softener and “wool” and “hand wash” programs are integrated. Finally, a bright LED display will help you follow the progress of the programs or the countdown of the delayed start that you can program up to 8 hours in advance, enough to give you enough respite to ask your machine to run for off-peak hours, and be able to extend it when you get up in the morning.

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8. Indesit EWC 61252 W FR reviews

You may not know it, but Indesit is in fact a brand of the group recognized worldwide in the field of small and large household appliances: Whirlpool. The advantage when you buy Whirlpool or Indesit, therefore, is that the brand manages all of its production throughout the manufacturing cycle. This allows them to offer advantageous rates. And despite the affordable prices, the quality, efficiency and functionality are still there. And this washing machine is no exception to the rule with a capacity of 6 kg, a consumption of energy class A ++ and a water consumption of 8,376 liters per year. Which is very low. The EWC 61252 W FR will offer you efficient washing with one of its 6 daily programs in less than an hour or its “extra wash” program: a feature to remove the most stubborn stains. And once the washing is finished, it’s time to spin with an efficiency of 1,200 rpm and the guarantee that it will not be noisy because it will not exceed 60 decibels.

Indesit has set up for your convenience a digital screen which will offer relatively simple programming, an economy button, and a delayed start. By combining these two functions and by programming the washing machine to run during off-peak hours, it is certain that the result will be felt on your bills

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9. Whirlpool FSCR 80421 reviews

If Whirlpool was previously represented with the brand of the same group: Indesit, it was inconceivable that the globally recognized and appreciated brand did not make an appearance under its own name in this selection. It is therefore with the FSCR 80421 that it comes to challenge its adversaries.

And what a challenge to be able to compete with a washing machine with extreme ease of use and formidable efficiency!

Indeed, if speed of programs, energy savings, low noise level and high capacity are all adjectives that represent this machine, it is good that it has its place here.

Its load capacity of 8 kg will satisfy the largest families who can still opt for the express mode by programming it during off-peak hours with its deferred program in order to save money. Its pearly porthole surrounded by stainless steel and its beautiful matching screen will give the dishwasher an elegant look. A beautiful banner screen with smooth sensitive keys because it has no too visible mechanical button gives it a certain homogeneity.

From this banner, you can therefore choose the household linen program at 60 ° C (the most economical), the 3 kg cotton program or the quick economy program, among others. And these are just examples among many.

But if there is one quality that gives it the advantage, it is the savings it generates. It is indeed one of the most water-efficient washing machines even if its spin speed of 1400 rpm is slightly lower than other products, and the drying time may therefore be significantly longer. .

Finally, it is not only on the water bill that the FSCR 80421 will be discreet. You may also forget that it is on since during the washing cycle, the sound peak does not exceed 44 decibels, and will barely reach 64 decibels during the spin cycle.

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10. LG F84J61WH review

We will close our selection with LG, a brand present on all fronts: consumer electronics, telecom services and activities, armament, etc. By combining its inter-sector know-how, LG can only offer innovative and quality products. It is not the F84J61WH that will make us change our minds with its washing class A and its energy efficiency class A +++. For those who don’t know, this is the highest rating a washing machine can get, the equivalent of a 20/20! Services worthy of a brand such as LG, quite simply.

And who says LG, says electronics and therefore says connected washing machine. This principle is no longer unknown to you, since you were able to discover the Samsung previously. And even if this concept of connected household product is still little known, you will have to get used to it: technological progress is underway … But if you are still reluctant to it, here is what to convince you: intelligent diagnosis. In the event of a failure, it will send a detailed report to the LG platform in order to benefit from more efficient support! But we are not here to talk about breakdowns, we are talking about use.

Suitable for larger families thanks to its capacity of 8 kg and its volume of 59 liters, its washing efficiency will delight every member. No task will resist him! The 6 Motion Drive motor is probably not for nothing since it is supposed to reproduce the movements most suited to the type of textile fiber that you have specified when choosing your program. And even if her water consumption can be criticized, she is forgiven when we see the result it generates.

Your energy consumption, on the other hand, will not be affected since it should be around 132 kWh per year.

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Washing Machines – Buying Guide

In the previous lines you have seen a plethora of washing machines that everyone is crazy about this year. But what are the different types of laundry in order to make the right choice, the criteria on which you should bet before checking out, but also the different ways to maintain your washing machine on a daily basis? Several questions and more go through your head, Guide de cuisine is here to answer all your questions and thus offers you a complete washing machine buying guide to direct you to the best washing machine.

What are the criteria for choosing a good washing machine?

We know that a reliable washing machine that will gently clean your clothes is all you need. Be aware that washing machines can cost anywhere from $ 100 to $ 1000, depending on type, performance, and programs. We will thus present a plethora of criteria that come into play when choosing a washing machine that meets your desires.

Types of washing machines

Do you prefer to load your clothes from the top of a top-loading washing machine rather than doing it in a front-loading port washing machine? The choice is yours, it all depends on your needs and your budget. brings you some elements of clarification on the different types of washing machines that exist on the market today.

Here are the types of washing machines to choose from based on your needs.

Let’s start with the top washing machine which, as its name suggests, loads from the top and takes up less space than other washing machine models. Top washing machines are often preferred by people who don’t want to bend the body when loading clothes into the machine. According to a source, the use of this type of washing machine is more common than that of the front-loading washing machine in all corners of the world. Also, this model has been a huge success given its dimensions which adapt perfectly to small spaces. Only downside: their washing capacity is always less interesting than the other models, because their drum offers a maximum capacity of 8 kg.

Then there is the front-loading window washing machine , which is often adopted by large families. Wider than top washing machines, porthole washing machines are available in several types: classics for large spaces and skinny jeans for small homes. Not to mention their main advantage of being built-in and their ability to integrate effectively into your kitchen without taking up a lot of space. In recent years, manufacturers have taken a great interest in small-sized window washing machines, known as “slim”. These are sexier, deeper and more efficient.

Finally, we end this list with the mini washing machines that keep dazzling most homes, the little ones. The mini washing machines have the characteristics necessary to fascinate singles, campers or even students, because they adapt perfectly to their needs in terms of washing. Basic programs, affordable prices for everyone, sufficient capacity, very light and easy to move, all are advantages of this small appliance that make life easier for small households.

The dimensions

Nowadays, there are several washing machine models, each with its main dimensions that characterize it from the others. Some adapt to families living in a small house, others fit perfectly to large families with a lot of space in their home. As indicated in the previous paragraphs, there is a big difference in dimensions depending on the type of washing machine chosen:

– Window washing machines are often lower than the other models. Unlike window machines, top models often have a narrower width.
– Most top washing machines are around 40 to 45cm wide, while porthole machines are 60cm wide and 60cm deep.

If you have a small space in your kitchen and you want to have a window machine, this is no longer a problem. Equip yourself with a slim porthole washing machine that simply adapts to small spaces.

The prices

The prices of washing machines vary depending on the models chosen, classic or innovative. There are currently a large number of washing machines, conventional washing machines, connected washing machines and many others. Prices are 80 to 150 euros for mini washing machines, 150 to 600 euros for classic machines and 300 to 1000 euros for more efficient models.

Without forgetting that there are other criteria on which to choose your washing machine, namely the energy class, which is a very important element in order to know if your next appliance will be able to reduce your heating bills. energy or not.

How to maintain your washing machine?

Caring for your washing machine is a very important step if you want to take care of your laundry and achieve satisfactory results over time. You must also maintain your washing machine to avoid any possible malfunction.

We recommend that you first check the water pipes of your washing machine frequently in order to prevent signs of weakness and call your plumber in advance in case of wear. Also, don’t overload it too much. Follow the various instructions in the purchase manual for your device to choose the appropriate capacity for your line. The main cause of malfunction is overloading your machine.

It is common for the rest of the detergent to build up inside your washing machine. It is therefore essential to clean it once a month using a cleaner in order to put an end to the residues that cause bad odors. Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your washing machine for a consistently stylish and clean look.

In fine, we have made the rounds of trendy washing machines at the moment, while offering a ranking based on very specific criteria and customer opinions on the various online shopping sites. We’ve also shed some light on the questions to ask yourself before buying the best washing machine while providing a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the choice you’ll never regret. It is from there that we invite you to also consult our guide to the best dryers and will say “See you soon”, wishing to discuss with you for any additional information.

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